Robert Kovačič

Born in Slovenia in 1977, Robert Kovačič has been drumming for over 20 years now. He started to play drums at the age of 15 and formed his own band a year after. Since then, he played with various local bands and started to get known to local community. Soon after with his band Scaffold he performed across Slovenia and the neighboring countries. That led him to play important events, gigs and festivals and exposing himself to wider community. Foreign bands and managers started to invite him for collaboration work with them and since then he has been touring the world and recording in studios constantly.

Robert is mostly known as an extreme Death Metal drummer, although he has interest in different styles of Music. His work widely ranges from bands like Belphegor (Nuclear Blast), Nothnegal (Season of Mist), Supreme Pain (Comatose Music), Fondlecorpse (Razorback Records), Scaffold (Unsigned), Evnar (Unsigned), Obduktion (I for an I Records), etc.

Robert is also a drum instructor and has been giving private drum lessons since 2005 and had over 70 students so far! He is teaching students also while on tour and helping fans online with answering questions about his tecniques, career and so on!

Robert is currently drum teching George Kollias of Nile (USA). He has also been a drum tech for bands like Suffocation (USA), Melechesh (Israel), Ex Deo (Canada), Svart Crown (France), Trauma (Poland), Lost Soul (Poland), Pestifer (Belgium), Truth Corroded (Australia), Bloodtruth (Italy), Embryo (Italy), Saratan (Poland), Chabtan (France), Sincarnate (Romania), Resumed (Italy), Decease (Romania), Black Therapy (Italy),…